Academic Program

2019 GraduationAcademically, HCA teaches individually and in groups, meeting students' needs and challenging capable students to study more and learn more. Students learn in classes through certified teachers' instruction. They learn individually by listening, watching and responding to computer instruction. They learn by reading, writing and scoring in colorful, character-building curriculum. HCA uses the best in all-Christian curriculum. Individualized publishers include Accelerated Christian Education, Alpha Omega, and Ignitia. Group/Class curriculum comes from proven leaders in the Christian School community like Association of Christian Schools International, Bob Jones Press, and A Beka.

Although the individualized approach and concentrated academic environment offered in many areas at HCA often helps challenged or distracted students concentrate and achieve more than in other settings, it also allows gifted students to excel more. Many recent HCA graduates have achieved high academic scores on college entrance exams - even to the 99th percentile nationally!