Class Information

Pace Bowl at ACE ConventionAlthough students register and maintain their grade level distinctiveness, individualized learning allows students from various academic abilities and age levels to work in learning centers together. From these learning centers, groups and classes can be formed as needed and/or feasible.

For instance, most students work best on most core curriculum individually. Exceptions that HCA staff have found have been high school Algebra, Geometry, Chemistry and elementary hand writing and creative writing. These subjects are offered as classes and students have the choice of joining the class or taking them individually.

Further, some classes are difficult to teach and learn individually. Hence HCA students take art, physical education, computer keyboarding, music, foreign language, and pre-calculus in groups of similar level students.

Hope Christian Academy staff are always looking for the best, most feasible method to help students learn. Our goal is to help students to take responsibility for their own learning.