Model Rocket Club

2011-rocket-clubHope Christian Academy's Model Rocket Club was started in the fall of 2003, due largely in part to the formation of the Team America Rocketry Challenge contest, or TARC for short, the previous year. HCA was able to get into the second year of the competition and has competed every year since. There are usually between 600 and 800 teams from across the country all vying to get to the finals, which are held each spring just outside of Washington, DC. That's where the top 100 teams get together for one day for a chance to be the top team in the country that year. The top ten teams split $60,000.00 in prize money and awards. Other awards are also given out for numerous non-flight competitions.

HCA has been to the finals 3 times now since they have been competing in TARC. At the finals in the spring of 2005, HCA placed fourth in the nation which allowed them to submit a proposal to be a part of NASA's Student Launch Initiative.

The Model Rocket Club is open to all students in grades 7 through 12. We meet every week one afternoon a week after school until spring. Then we start launching on the weekends trying to get a good enough qualifying score to get to finals. If we do get a qualifying score, we then switch gears and start fund raising so the team can go to finals. You don't have to be a Math or Science whiz to be a part of the team; you just have to be willing to learn about model rocketry and to lend a hand building the rocket.

For more information about the Team America Rocketry Challenge, please visit their website.