HCA Staff

Susan Dickhausen

Susan Dickhausen is a licensed elementary teacher, supervising the learning-to-read and playing-to-learn programs for kindergarten and first grade students since 1991. Mrs. Dickhausen makes letters and numbers come to life each day with fun, interactive music, stories, and activities. Sue graduated from St. Paul Bible College (now Crown College). She is married to Doug and has one son, Jonathon. Sue enjoys a variety of crafts in her HCA classroom and in her spare time at home.

Mari Dingle

Mari Dingle is the PreKindergarten teacher at HCA. Ms. Mari has brightened the lives of young people for many years. She has taught Preschool over 25 years in our community. She is a lifelong resident of St. Paul Park and enjoys serving in the community. She has a passion for cross-stitching and displays a new piece each year at the Minnesota State Fair.

Mary Hale

Mary Hale is a retired nurse, part-time piano instructor at Hope Christian Academy, and full-time grandma and great-grandmother! She lovingly offers private piano lessons to HCA students of all levels.

Shauna Jundt

Shauna Jundt is the Secretary/Receptionist at HCA. Shauna graduated from the University of Minnesota Minneapolis with a BA in English. She is married to John and has a son Devin and a daughter Lauren that attend school at HCA. She enjoys singing, scrapbooking and spending time with her family.

Amy Krussow

Amy Krussow serves the school as Health Assistant. She ministers to the sick, administers medicines, and watches out for those with special medical conditions. Amy loves kids and loves Hope Christian Academy. She supported her own 5 children through an HCA education and now enjoys encouraging other students in their learning. A favorite past time is spending time with her grandchildren.

Randy Krussow

Randy Krussow is a lead teacher in the main learning center. He graduated from Bethel University, is licensed to teach and coach in grades 7-12, and started at Hope Christian Academy in 1980. He and his wife, Amy, and daughters reside in Cottage Grove. Mr. Krussow loves to inspire students in applications of God's Word for daily living. He loves music and often finds ways to lead students in singing or plays silly songs on his guitar.

Todd Pankow

Todd Pankow directs the band and choir ensembles at HCA. Mr. Pankow is a good example of serving the Lord with all your heart! He makes music and ministry exciting and fun. Mr. Pankow offers private instrumental and vocal lessons during school hours or after and before the regular school day. Many of Mr. Pankow's students have received musical scholarships for college.

Shawna Terrell

Shawna Terrell is the Principal at Hope Christian Academy. She graduated from HCA in 1999. She went on to graduate from North Central University with a Bachelor's degree in youth ministry with a minor in Bible. She has two children attending Hope, a son Caleb and a daughter Erica. They reside in Cottage Grove. Mrs. Terrell loves to challenge children and youth in their walk with God and knowing God in a more intimate and deeper way.